Month: Oct 2018

Indications Your Water Heater Needs Help

hot water system repair riverviewWe mostly rely on our water heater every day and if anything happens to it, we may have to immediately fix it. We actually do not mind our water heater and may just look into its importance when we need to have them serviced or replaced. Here are some tell-tale signs that your water heater needs help:

Age. Check the age of your water heater by checking the serial number on the top of the unit. If it is more than 10 years and is already giving up on you, then have it replaced.

Rust. Rust should not be part of your home’s plumbing system most especially if it is about your water. When rust is mixed with water, this can be dangerous to your health and your skin. If you notice that the water has a rusty colour on it, then there is a clear indication that there is rust in the water and could indicate that there is rust in the tank. If the rust progress, the unit can also leak if the rust continuous.

Noisy pipes. Noisy pipes can happen if the sediment at the bottom becomes hard which will create the banking sound from the water heater. While it is common for water heaters to have sediment, but when it becomes hard, that means that you may have to eventually replace your water heater system again.

If your water heater system breaks up, make sure to get a professional plumber to help you out since there are a lot of things that can go wrong with the heating system and you only want a professional to do this task for you to help you restore your hot water.