Day: Apr 4, 2018

Don’t Let Minor Plumbing Issues Become Major

plumbing tap

Something that’s highly common these days with our extremely busy lives is that plumbing issues in the home or office are often overlooked or missed because no-one take the time to look for any issues before they become big problems. When you overlook the minor problems, you could be doing yourself an injustice, because it’s often more cost effective to have a professional plumber attend to an issue while it is still a minor one, rather than have a plumbing emergency on your hands at an extremely invconvenient time.

Today, we want to give you a few basic tips on how to spot some potential issues when it comes to your home or office plumbing in Ipswich:

The first one is very basic – have a look for leaking pipes. Check under all sinks & drains, have a feel around for any areas that are wet directly below any drainage or pipes. This could indicate that there is a leak to be attended to.

Also, you should regularly inspect your water heater for signs of corrosion. It may be time to look at repair or replacement.

If you have a gas supply to the premises, check all shut off valves for leaks by applying some soapy water to the valve. If it starts to bubble, you quite possibly have a gas leak, which should be attended to quickly by a professional plumber or gas fitter.

If you notice water pressure in the home or office seems to be dropping, this is something you should have inspected by a professional. A drop in water pressure can indicate potential pipe blockages, which isn’t good no matter how you look at it!

We hope these basic tips can help you keep your next plumbing issue down to a reasonable cost by addressing any problems detected early. Should you have any issues, we suggest contacting a reputable plumber in Queensland.